Bridge Kids exists to walk alongside families
and make disciples of their children.

Here at Bridge Kids, our primary goal is simple: to teach our children about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for all of us that we may be set free from sin, and as we confess that He is our Lord, we are given the gift of knowing Him and His joy forever. Each and every child is so desperately, jealously, and wholly beloved by God, and each has the promise of being a resident of heaven.

This mission is not something that we strive toward on our own. Children's ministry is about children, but shepherding our parents is essential as well. We work as a body, partnering together to raise up a generation that is in love with Christ. At Austin Bridge, we believe in the worth and significance of family discipleship and worship.  Our first glimpses of Jesus come from our homes, and our families become our  first ministry. We desire to, yes, teach the children at Austin Bridge the great power and joy of the Gospel, but we extend the invitation of instruction and discipleship to our Earthly parents.

We achieve this model of family discipleship by inviting children into corporate worship with their parents, teaching the same lesson in Bridge Kids that is taught in adult worship, and sending home questions and activities that caregivers can utilize to spark further conversation about Jesus in the home.

We recognize that raising and discipling a child is no easy task, so Bridge Kids is intentionally designed to partner with our parents. We hope that as we grow, we can flourish in the ways that we radically support our parents.


If you are a new family and are planning to visit us, click on the link above to pre register your household to expedite the check-in process on Sunday morning.

Meet us at the Welcome table before the gathering starts at 10:30am and one of our volunteers will help you check-in your child into Bridge Kids. Because we value safety, every child taking part in Kids Ministry on Sunday will need to be checked in and out using the check-in system. Running late?  No problem! We will have a volunteer at the Welcome table until 10:45am.

On your first visit, we’ll need some family information including full names of you and your children, birthdays, phone number, email, and any special instructions (allergies, bathroom, etc.).  After your child has been checked in, you will both receive corresponding stickers used to pick your child up after the gathering has ended.

Your child will be checked into one of three classrooms:
<1 yr
2 to 3 yrs
4 yrs to 5th grade

Once checked in, children will join their family in corporate worship.  After the first set of worship, infants will be walked down to the Olive classroom by their parents.  All other children will meet our volunteers by the door and walk to the Evergreen classroom together.  There, we will have fun, make new friends, and most importantly, learn about Jesus.  When the adult gathering ends, parents will come pick up their children from their corresponding classrooms. We will not release any child to an adult unless they have the matching name tag for the child.
Here at Austin Bridge, we solemnly uphold the duty to protect the dignity, worth, and safety of your child. We recognize that God has entrusted our community with our children, and we strive to keep the promise of protection. Additionally, a child should feel abundantly safe in our environments, giving them the ability to learn and have fun with no hesitations.

We have taken precautions for the safety and protection of your children, such as a secure electronic check-in system and background checked and trained teachers, dedicated to ensure your children are safe and secure. Our volunteers are also onboarded through MinistrySafe, a program that ensures education on sexual abuse and its signs.

For the safety of all children,  children who are ill should not attend Bridge Kids. Some signs of sickness include:
Fever, diarrhea, persistent runny nose with substantial discharge, lethargy, and a hacking or wet-sounding cough.
Bridge Kids aims to provide a gospel-centered, inclusive environment for children who face unique challenges related to physical, mental, behavioral, medical, or emotional needs. If you have a child with special needs and would like to connect, please email
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Meet Michelle

Children's Ministry Director

Michelle was born and raised in Round Rock, TX. By the faithfulness of God to her mother and her prayers, she knew God at an early age.  Her true dedication to Christ came in high school after she took a theology class and felt the Lord consistently bring her out of darkness and into His joy.
Michelle attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she got a B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences with a focus in Early Childhood, as well as a minor in Social Work. She entered as a pre-med major, and after 4 attempted major changes, the Lord gently called her to vocational ministry; the last position she dreamed that she could be in, but the exact place the Lord called her to be in.
Michelle is passionate about sharing the Gospel with children in the most developmentally appropriate way possible, prioritizing meeting children exactly where they are. She is also passionate about the family, knowing that the family system is rife with trial, but it is also full of joy and sanctification as the Lord stewards it.
On her days off, you can catch her walking or hammocking outside, watering her plants, or singing and messing around on a guitar.

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